West Coast Aqua Farms is in the farming of Australian Red Claw Crayfish (generic name Cherax Quadricarinatus) offers for the industry and the national lobsters market highly qualified lobster production for internal consumption. 

Australia is the pioneer country in the cultivation of this species. It comes from the Northwest of Queensland in Australia. But, here in Florida by our excellent atmosphere and the habitat in our greenhouses we have gotten excellent levels of productivity all the years. 

West Coast Aqua Farms, has developed an ecological cultivation of superior kind, based on a strict natural feeding, whose results have caused great demand in the most important markets of the world. The environment is absolutely clean and free of fungicides and pesticides therefore the water of the tanks of lobsters is used later for other purposes of agriculture and aquaculture. At the moment doesn't exist viral or bacterial illnesses that could affect their humility, at least that they are transmitted for other species in the same basis. 

The lobsters could come to weight up to one pound, but its good for sales since they weight 40 grams. The most commercial is with a weight between 80-110 grams. 

His green blue coloration, and the males possess a bright red membranous quelas that gives origin to their name RED CLAW makes them a shortly appearance and excellent taste. 

This variety of lobster is used in the "gourmet" food, it comes to be an excellent replacement of the sea lobster . Is natural and nutritive. 

West Coast Aqua Farms